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Handmade polymer clay buttons and pins. Embroyderies

Mould Biscuit "smile"

Mould Biscuit "smile"
Mould Biscuit "smile"
Reference : MOULE005
Flexible Silicone Mould for Miniatures
Moulds allow to obtain a modeling with precision and finesse. They are simple and pleasant to use and usable to infinity.
These moulds resist to oven to facilitate their use, so you can also unmould your creations after cooking to avoid deformations.
To personalize your creations, you can paint them after cooking with acrylic paint, tint before cooking with dry pastels, add decorative elements (fruit slices, false whipped cream, microbeads, false coulis ...) and finish with a layer of matt or gloss varnish
2024-12-31 2.702,70 EUR