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SAL Stitching set

SAL Stitching set
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SAL Stitching set
Reference : AASAL2023
SAL Embroidery set organized by Manucréa

RULES to read carefully before any registration.

Registrations are open from July 1, 2023 and the SAL will start on Friday, September 1, 2023.
As it is a Mystery SAL, the steps will be revealed as you go along, but I can tell you that it is a question of cross-stitching a set of 4 essential accessories for embroiderers. We will start with 3 small models and we will keep the 4th, which is a very big piece, for the end.
The assembly stage of each element is an integral part of the SAL. It is a question of making a hand seam in forward stitches and achievable by everyone.
The full SAL will take place in 24 stages (1 stage every 15 days) over a period of 11 months.
However, given the length of the SAL and the cost of supplies, 2 options will be offered.


Registration for the SAL requires the prior purchase of the NECESSAIRE DE BRODEUSE model only on the website

When registering, you will have the choice between 2 options
Option N.1: Embroider the 4 accessories. The price under the SAL 10 euros.
Option N.2: Embroider only the first 3 accessories. The price is 8 euros.
If you choose at registration to limit yourself to the first 3 accessories but you change your mind during SAL, it will always be possible to embroider the 4th accessory for an additional 3 euros.

During the SAL period, the purchase of the model is equivalent to SAL registration. The grids for each stage will then be sent every 15 days in PDF format directly by email to the address indicated during registration (I remind you that the copying and/or sharing of the grids is PROHIBITED solely because of copyright)
During this period, any new registrant will receive in PDF all the grids of the stages already published until the date of their registration (depending on the option chosen).
Registration is open until July 1, 2024. The model will be available in its entirety at the end of the SAL on the website

Here are the dates when each new stage will be sent:
1st stage: September 1, 2023
2nd stage: September 14
3rd stage: September 28 – Assembly N.1
4th stage: October 12
5th stage: October 26
6th stage: November 9 – Assembly N.2
7th stage: November 23
8th stage: December 7
9th stage: December 21
10th stage: January 4, 2024
11th stage: January 18 – Assembly N.3
12th stage: February 1
13th stage: February 15
14th stage: February 29
15th stage: March 14
16th stage: March 28
17th stage: April 11
18th stage: April 25
19th stage: May 9
20th stage: May 23
21st stage: June 6
22nd stage: June 20
23rd stage: July 4
24th stage: July 24 – Assembly N.4


Only PDF grids will be provided for the SAL. You will therefore have to obtain all the necessary supplies yourself.

I chose to embroider with Tom and Lily's COLOUR GEMS handmade shaded yarns that you can buy here:
The embroidery set is embroidered with 6 colors.
Options N.1: 4 skeins of LAGON, 4 skeins of AMANDIER, 2 skeins of EUCALYPTUS, 2 skeins of PAIN D'EPICE, 2 skeins of ROSE POIVRE and 1 skein of DESERT
Option N.2: 2 skeins of LAGON, 2 skeins of AMANDIER, 1 skein of EUCALYPTUS, 1 skein of PAIN D'EPICE, 1 skein of ROSE POIVRE and 1 skein of DESERT
2 packs of "Special SAL" threads will be offered at an attractive price depending on the option chosen.

I suggest you embroider on a 14-thread Edinburgh linen fabric color 309 or 770 or on an Aïda 7 color 770.
For the purchase, I invite you to supply yourself directly at Anis et Bergamote
"Special SAL" canvas coupons will have been prepared according to the option chosen and a cutting diagram of the pieces needed for each accessory will be attached to avoid cutting errors and waste (Do not cut anything before September 1st!)
I advise against embroidering on an Aida 6 or 8, on a Belfast or a Newcastle because it will change the size of the accessories which will become too large or too small in relation to their use.

A facebook group "SAL NECESSAIRE DE BRODEUSE" will be created in PRIVATE mode and only people registered with the SAL will be admitted to this group. It will summarize the rules of the SAL and allow everyone to share your progress, your doubts, your questions.
If I have not answered your questions above, you will be able to ask your questions on the group and they will thus be visible and useful to all (limit personal messages on messenger, instagram facebook or my mailbox, because I risk miss them)

Not other explanations in English. Use Google translation!
2024-12-31 10.0010,00 EUR
Kit embroderer-Cross stitch
Kit embroderer-Cross stitch
10,00 EUR
Retractable pull chain N.7
Retractable pull chain N.7
5,00 EUR
14,00 EUR
Cornflower-Cross stitch
Cornflower-Cross stitch
11,00 EUR
Handmade polymer clay button 2 squares
Handmade polymer clay button 2 squares
1,40 EUR
Mandala-Cross stitch
Mandala-Cross stitch
8,00 EUR
Sewing accessories-Cross stitch
Sewing accessories-Cross stitch
8,00 EUR
15,00 EUR
Magnetic needle minder N.12
Magnetic needle minder N.12
5,00 EUR