Manucréa, la boutique des p'tits boutons

Handmade polymer clay buttons and pins. Embroyderies

The most frequently asked questions:

• Where do the items in the store come from?
I make manufacture buttons, pins and embroidery kits in my workshop in the Drôme region. If I turn to other designers, they will also be French craftsmen.

• Which material is used to make buttons and pins?
Buttons and pins are entirely made of polymer clay. I use "classic" Fimo from STAEDTLER that hardens when cooked (30 min at 110 °C).

• Can I put the buttons in the washing machine?
Fimo buttons can be put in the washing machine at 40 °C without any change in colour or appearance.

• Are the buttons resistant?
Fimo material is very resistant.
However, some buttons designs (snail, butterfly, round head doll, mouse, ...) are not recommended for repeated use because they would eventually break if they were regularly passed through a buttonhole.
The reason is simple: when there are many details in the design, the assembly of canes takes place at the final stage of production. Once cut the contact between the different canes are limited which makes it fragile.
For precaution, do not hesitate to ask for advice.

• Are the buttons polished?
Once sliced​​, the buttons are not polished or varnished so they have a mat aspect.