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Handmade polymer clay buttons and pins


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Reference : MERCERIE
Until December 31, 2020, the purchase of this product is equivalent to REGISTRATION at SAL MERCERIE ANCIENNE which will start on September 3. No grid will be sent before September 3

Please read the following completely before registering for SAL

The SAL takes place in 12 stages (1 stage every 15 days) over a period of 6 months. The departure of the SAL is scheduled for THURSDAY September 3, 2020

Here are the dates when each stage will be available:
1st stage: September 3, 2020
2nd stage: September 17
3rd stage: October 1
4th step: October 15
5th stage: October 29
6th stage: November 12
7th stage: November 26
8th stage: December 10


9th stage: December 30
10th stage: January 14, 2021
11th stage: January 28
12th stage: February 11


Registration for the SAL requires the prior purchase of the MERCIERIE ANCIENNE model on the website The price of the model within the framework of the SAL is fixed at 10 euros. During the SAL period, the purchase of the grid is equivalent to SAL registration.

Registrations are open until December 31, 2020. During this period, all new registrants will receive all the stage grids already published up to the date of their registration.

Since this is a Mystery SAL, the final model is only revealed step by step. The model will then be available in its entirety after the end of the SAL on the website

The grids of each stage will be sent every 15 days in PDF format directly by email to the address indicated during registration (I remind you that copying and / or sharing of grids is prohibited solely because of copyright )


Only the 12 grids will be provided during registration. You will therefore have to obtain the other necessary supplies yourself.

The model is available in 2 colors. Personally, I will embroider it with the nuanced ATALIE threads (

The model measures 195 points high by 475 points wide, that is:
24.5x59.5cm on a canvas 16 threads / cm (in 2 threads on 2 threads)
28x68cm on a canvas 14 threads / cm
32.5x79.5 on a 12 thread canvas

The 28x68cm format was chosen intentionally over the commercially available 30x70cm frame format


The SAL Mercerie Ancienne group is open to everyone until September 3, the day the SAL starts in PUBLIC mode. It will allow everyone to know the registration procedures and the rules. If I have not answered your questions above, you can ask your questions about the group and they will be visible and useful to all (limit personal messages on messenger, facebook instagram or my mailbox, because I risk miss some)

From September 3 the group will switch to PRIVATE mode and only people registered for SAL will be kept in the group. Each will be able to use the group to post their choice of fabrics and wires, photos of their progress and all other information concerning the SAL.
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